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Advertising Disclosure and Disclaimer

Make Lemonade is a free, independent and unbiased website that helps empower borrowers so they can make more informed financial decisions. Our goal to help save you money and improve your financial life.

We believe in full transparency in the financial services industry. That’s one of the reasons we created Make Lemonade – to help level the playing field between large financial institutions and you. We provide information through Make Lemonade for educational purposes, although we are not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education or any other government agency. It is also important to us at Make Lemonade to share how we earn money. We are not a lender, broker, or financial or investment adviser. Make Lemonade is not involved in the application, underwriting, credit or investment process for any product. Make Lemonade also does not provide legal, accounting, financial or investment advice. You should consult with a financial professional before making any financial decision. We may receive a transaction fee when a user selects a product listed or recommended on our website. This compensation helps us to support our website and continue to offer free content, analysis and reviews to help us fulfill our mission and continue to be one of the leading sources on personal finance. The compensation that Make Lemonade may receive may affect how Make Lemonade displays and ranks lenders and third parties on our website. While Make Lemonade strives to work with a diverse group of quality companies in order to help you make informed financial decisions, we recognize that we cannot include every financial company or available product or service on our website. Please note that the rates and terms contained on the Make Lemonade website are estimates and may change at any time and/or differ from your final rate and terms, which may be based on your individual credit profile and other factors as determined solely by the lender or financial services provider. All rates, terms, and figures are subject to change by the lender without notice. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the lender’s website directly.

That said, all the editorial content on Make Lemonade is independent analysis written solely by Make Lemonade. The content on this website has not been approved, certified or endorsed by any lender,  financial institution or third party.

We are grateful for our relationship with you and the trust that you have placed with Make Lemonade. We will always strive to be the most transparent, trustworthy and reliable source for personal finance.


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