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Scholarships For College Students

Each year, there are thousands of scholarships available to undergraduate students (and in some cases, graduate students) based on both merit and financial need. Our scholarship guide and resources can help you cover the cost of higher education and conquer your future. Get the latest information on how to apply for top scholarships.

Today, women comprise 56% of college students and female enrollment is projected to reach 9.7 million students by 2028, which is more than two million higher than male enrollment. These scholarships for women collectively offer hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
Scholarships for underrepresented minority students help to increase diversity at colleges and universities, and they also provide a path to expanded educational and professional opportunities. Find African American Scholarships, Asian American Scholarships, Hispanic and Latino Scholarships, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Scholarships, Native American Scholarships and more.
Compare top scholarships for African American students. The following are some examples of leading African American scholarships: United Negro College Fund, Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship, Tom Joyner Foundation, Gates Millennium Scholarship Program, Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship and the Ron Brown Scholars Pro.
If you’re an Asian-American or Pacific Islander, our resources and this scholarship guide can help you pay for college and graduate school. Learn about the latest scholarships available to Asian American and Pacific Islander students for all fields of study and socio-economic background.
Approximately 11% of undergraduate students have a disability, which represents about 2 million people. With tuition rising, scholarships can help cover the cost of higher education. These scholarships for students with disabilities collectively offer thousands of dollars annually.

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